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Our Story

Our Story

Amma Orphan Home, known as "Amma Anadha Sharanalayam" is a non profit organisation Founded by Mr. E. Teja with the objective to provide solution to the orphans. This is to be achieved by providing them with quality school education, healthy home atmosphere, guiding these children towards understanding the need for healthy living and secure a place for them among the rest of the society.

The motto encourages us in working towards promoting "Universal Brotherhood" and creating wellness in physical, mental and spiritual areas for all children under its care in school and orphanage. Amma Orphanage provides family environment to the children, where they are not only provided with shelter but also find their own home.

Our mission

Our Mission

Amma Orphans Home work towards empowering orphans and vulnerable children through provision of services such as Education, Love and all necessary child needs in daily lives in order to return hope and build a better future for children. Life for many orphans is about surviving the day, But we believe orphans deserve more. Our focus is providing an environment in which a child can develop potential and a future.

Provide safe and nitrating environment to orphans and vulnerable children, through which they all receive all the necessary provision for a great social, physical and emotional development.


Our passionate Amma Orphange founders, Who spends all thier precious time to bring up the childern.